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The AKRCCT is an annual event that takes place every May long weekend on the beautiful Kennebecasis River in southern New Brunswick.  The run is a 19+ casual 3 day, 2 night (tenting) camp-out. 2 campsites are pre-determined along with portable toilets and firewood for convenience. A small set fee is collected from attendees for these conveniences (rental and private land usage).   The group gathers the Saturday of in Penobsquis at 9AM at a local farm.  Traditionally, the run continues the last day to the Norton bridge, however, those travelling further/less keen members have the option of ending at the 2nd campsite. Access to campsites are available from local roads for those who wish to setup camp ahead of time or reduce the risk of inexperienced canoers getting their gear wet the first day (or are lazy).

The Run:

The trip begins in Penobsquis. The club attempts to be on the river by 11AM. This timeline has shown to drift later each year, but typically if you are not next to the river by 11:30, you’ll be playing catch up (you’re last). A group breakfast prior to the farm gathering has also become a tradition.

The first campsite resides close to the Plumweseep Cross Rd and Salmon Coverved Bridge in Roachville. The following morning after pack-up, a stop is made at the Salmon Covered Bridge (as is tradition) before continuing to the next site.

Between each campsite, the run takes the group directly behind the Sussex mall.  Provisions can be replenished, forgotten items can be obtained. The second campsite resides in Apohaqui off Riverview Drive East.